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The Most Common Handyman Service Requests

The Most Common Handyman Service Requests

As much as you may like (or maybe not!) completing your own projects around the house, there are some jobs that most of us do not enjoy doing. From home repairs, maintenance, and even complicated home improvements you can bet we have quite the list of commonly requested handyman services. Are any of your most loathed home tasks on this list?

Assembly and Installation Services

The Ikea commercial that shows the couple fighting hits close to home for many of us when we try to assemble furniture together! Love it, or not, furniture assembly is a necessary evil, but luckily it's one of our top requested services. In fact we even take the garbage and recycling with us when we leave!

Our most common assembly and installation handyman services are:

  • Toilet Installations: An affordable and simple home upgrade! We swap out many porcelain thrones.
  • Furniture Assembly: Whether it's a new outdoor patio set, bunk beds for the kiddos, or something with a funky Swedish name, we can take care of it for you.
  • Light Fixture Installation: Nothing changes a space quiet like a beautiful new light fixture.
  • Garburator and Plumbing Fixture Installations: Needing more water pressure, or perhaps just wanted to spice up your counters a bit, are great reasons to treat yourself to a new kitchen tap!
  • Shelving Installation: Crooked, or slopping, shelves are easily avoided with proper mounting techniques.

Avoid the Ikea commercial arguments and reach out to us to for all your assembly and installation needs.

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Home Repair Services

No matter how well you care for your home, it is inevitable that you will have home repairs pop up from time to time. Even the most skilled DIY'er can get frustrated trying to fix it all by themselves, so needless to say we have a list of commonly requested home repairs that we love taking off your plate!

Some of our favourite handyman repairs and home improvements are:

  • Drywall Repairs: No matter if you treat your home with kid gloves your walls will get screw holes, bumps and bruises over time.
  • Fence and Gates: As your new gate settles in you may find it sticks or the latch breaks. Another common issue is broken and crooked fences.
  • Stucco Repair: Chipped stucco happens. Stay ahead of the game so things don't get worse by fixing any chips and cracks asap.
  • Window and Doors: No one likes a draft, and what's worse is your heating and cooling bills sneaking out through insufficient weather stripping.

Nip your home repair heaches in the bud from growing into even bigger issues by getting them dealt with right away by a licensed, insured, and experienced handyman right away.

Repair and Improvement Services

Home Maintenance Services

The best insurance against major home repair nightmares is a proper maintenance plan. That being said, how many of us push aside those pesky tasks for a later date that never comes? We have all been guilty of it from time to time, but the fact of the matter is life is busy so we keep busy getting all your to-do lists completed for you. Here are our most commonly requested upkeep jobs:

  • Attic Insulation Top Up: Wind can get in your attic and blow that insulation all around. Our team can easily top it up for you and stop future drafts from sneaking in.
  • Caulking: Nothing makes a home look grimly like stained, peeling, caulking. Removing and redoing your caulking, especially before listing for sale, is an easy task that goes a long way for esthetics.
  • Cabinets and Drawers: Replacing faulty, or lose, sliders and tightening hinges goes a long way for protecting the life of your kitchen cupboards.
  • Garage Floor Sealing: Extend the life of your garage floor, basement floors, and/or your drive with an epoxy coating.
  • Exteriors: Cleaning your gutters keeps water flowing freely and away from your home.
  • Faucets: Let us swap out your faucet's cartridge to stop the dripping and keep yours working like new.

Don't forget that we offer free, virtual quoting so you can know exactly what your handyman repair list will cost before deciding whether, or not, to get started on your home's upkeep.

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