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Smarter Spring Cleaning - Organize Your Storage

Smarter Spring Cleaning - Organize Your Storage

Spring cleaning is bittersweet. Visions of a sparkling home motivate you to start, but once you see the mountain of mismatched Tupperware and clothes from fashion fads past, suddenly the task seems daunting.


Avoid the vicious cycle of ending up in the same place next year. Here are some of our favourite ways to organize your space with smart storage solutions and show next year who's the organizational boss!


Organize Your Bedroom From the Inside Out

You have a process. You know exactly how to determine which shirts stay and which ones go, whether it’s channelling Marie Kondo and waiting for joy to spark or if your process is the holey clothes are the ones to go. Once you’ve cleared out the unnecessary baggage, creating a system for closet organization will help keep it manageable.

A small change you can immediately make is using boxes to store cold-weather items or accessories that often end up on furniture. To really transform your closet and make it functional, a larger investment will be necessary but worth it.

Here are some of our favourite ways to keep the bedrooms in your home in tip top shape:

  1. Add a shelf for your shoes will keep them organized instead of tossing them randomly on the floor of the closet. It will give you better visibility, so you can save time getting dressed, and helps keep them well-maintained by avoiding scuff marks and deformations from storage.
  2. Customize your closet based on what you own and add drawers and hanging rods at various heights to accommodate your wardrobe while also leaving room to add more clothes.
  3. Install lighting in your closet highlights your organizational prowess and also makes things easier to find. If you have kids, don’t forget to add hanging rods at their height so they can more easily access their clothes and learn how to help out by hanging their own garb.

If you’re unsure of how to design your closet so it fits your specific needs, consult a handyman who can suggest materials and the optimal layout for how to build your own custom closet.

Storage Improvements for your Kitchen

Customizing your space for smarter storage doesn’t end in the bedroom. Kitchens can easily become the messiest part of your home. On top of the food, fumes, and spills that inevitably occur, organizing cookware, utensils, and pantry items can quickly get out of hand.

Looking for a quick fix to your kitchen storage woes?

Buy drawer organizers for cutlery, or countertop containers to hold utensils. Clear jars or plastic storage bins will also make a huge difference when you group and, most importantly, label them by their storage contents. But to really get a handle on your kitchen situation, building kitchen storage into existing space or creating a designated, customized pantry will have the most impact.

Potential kitchen projects ideas and renovations to consider include:

  • Creating a pull out pantry
  • Refurbishing a closet into a pantry with custom floor-to-ceiling shelves
  • Adding a pan & cookie sheet divider to a drawer
  • Installing a kitchen island or adding drawers to your existing one
  • Customizing the shelves in your cupboard by adjusting the heights and adding more
  • Redoing your kitchen cabinets and including corner drawers

Each family and home has its own unique needs and consulting with a handyman to determine what specific solutions are best suited can greatly improve how you live day to day.

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Think Vertical: More Home Storage Solutions

Whenever there’s clutter in the house, many of us fall into the trap of storing unwanted goods, sentimental items we refuse to toss, or guilty pleasures in the garage. The oft forgotten garage, where the artefacts of our lives gather dust, is an entire room of our house that rarely gets put to good use. If you’re not ready to part with those old baby clothes or you’re still holding onto hope for that treadmill, there are still many ways you can begin to re-organize the space so it’s more functional.

  1. Use Your Walls! Hooks along the walls of your garage has a dual benefit. Not only does it create more valuable floor space, hanging your tools, for example, lets you quickly see and access exactly what you need when doing home repairs. It’s also a quick visual reminder of the tools your neighbour borrowed and still hasn’t returned…
  2. Get Hooked! Adding sturdy hooks or a rack for hanging your bikes also frees up a large chunk of space on the garage floor. There are a variety of creative ways you can add bike storage to your garage, from storebought solutions to custom creations with industrial pipes. Many of these solutions are one-day DIYs or you can hire some handyman help if you’re pressed for time.
  3. Look Up! A largely ignored storage space in your home is the area right above your head! Many garages have 4-5 feet of usable storage space above your parking areas. Installing storage racks, or building a custom loft, are good ways to convert this otherwise dead-space into useful storage areas.
  4. Back to Basics! Hooks and racks are not the only way to gain back some floor room. All the smaller, miscellaneous items that you keep in your garage might not be able to be neatly organized by hanging them on the walls. For all your other garage trinkets, building floor to ceiling shelves or storage drawers will leave more floor space. Be sure to keep only rarely used items in the top shelves and have a sturdy stool around when you do need them.

Whether your tackling your closet, or excited to clear out your garage, the handymen and women at Skilled Help Now are here to consult on your home repairs and renovations, provide advice and help you make this spring cleaning more enjoyable. Reach out anytime at  1-833-SKILL-ME or by contacting us through our website.

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