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Renovating Your Home's Exterior: Why Do It?

Renovating Your Home's Exterior: Why Do It?

Chances are if you have lived in your home for some time that the wear and tear of the elements, and it's dated look, might be starting to bother you. Further to that point, you may notice that your windows are drafty and the wood surrounding them is starting to peel.
Renovating your home's exterior is not only esthetically pleasing, but also can help increase your home's value through curb appeal, and lower utility bills. Here is why exterior renovations are a great idea for your home and property value.

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Reason #1 to Renovation Your Home's Exterior: It Increases the Home's Value

When it's time to sell, or maybe just to give your home some TLC, investing in sprucing up the outside can bring a lot to the table in regards to your property valuation. Besides the usual exterior projects, some clients will opt to add an addition to their home that will also increase the square footage, therefore giving a big boost to your property's value. A new look, more space, and increased property value? We call that a big win.

Reason #2 to Complete a Home Exterior Renovation: The Addition of Lower Maintenance Building Materials

Home building has come a long way over the years, and so have the products that they are built with. Your home can benefit from new and improved products that essentially take care of themselves such as:

  • Durable siding such as Hardy Board or Fiber-cement
  • Fire resistant and ultra tough metal roofing
  • Moisture resistant fiberglass windows
  • Debris-free covered gutters
  • A new and improved driveway

Reason #3 to Renovate Your Exterior: Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A big benefit to renovating the outside of your home is the fact that you can save money through lower energy consumption and decreased utility bills. Some ways to make your home's exterior more energy efficient are:

  1. Replace your exterior doors with an energy efficient rated option
  2. Replace your old windows with new ones that are double, or triple paned
  3. Repair or replace your roof to ensure there are no leaks for air to escape
  4. Replace or add insulation to your home in areas that were deficient, or need to be replaced
  5. Upgrade your siding to an insulated vinyl option
  6. Add solar panels to your home

Reason #4 to Improve The Outside of Your Home: Give It a Boost in Curb Appeal

Although a great time to assess and improve your curb appeal is right before listing your home for sale, it's also nice to give the area some love to just enjoy the home while you are still in it! Some ways you can give your home an exterior improvement are:

  1. painting the outside
  2. adding a new and more modern roofline
  3. pouring a decorative driveway, walkway, and patio
  4. adding a pergola, or privacy screens
  5. making current windows/patio doors bigger and more modern looking

When you are planning to put some money, time and energy back into your home, don't forget to consider it's exterior. Skilled Help Now is your trusted General Contractor to complete your home's outside renovations including everything from home extensions, exterior makeovers, windows and doors and more. Let our experienced, warrantied, insured team help you make your Calgary or Kelowna home look like new again by contacting us through the form below, or by calling 1-833-SKILL-ME

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