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Our Favourite Flooring Choice for Modern Homes

Our Favourite Flooring Choice for Modern Homes

Flooring is a major decision whether it’s the one thing in your home you’ve decided to change or part of a larger home renovation project. Your floor needs to compliment the room and look cohesive while still being durable and functional for all the walking, running, jumping, and furniture moving that will inevitably happen. With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to try and choose so we’ve broken down one of our favourite choices for flooring due to it’s premium look and budget-friendly pricing. We love luxury vinyl plank flooring because it combines the modern appeal of hardwood floors at a price that means you don’t have to compromise on the other renovations you envisioned for your home.

What is Luxury Plank Vinyl (LVP)?

There are many types of luxury vinyl options: tile, sheet, and plank. Tiles and planks come in individual pieces and are installed by laying down each piece while sheets come in, you guessed it, large sheets with each sheet covering a larger area than a single plank or tile. Tile typically mimics ceramic or stone while luxury vinyl planks have a wood finish, and sheets can have any texture or print embedded. Wood is a versatile texture that elevates the look of any space which is why LVPs are one of our favourite flooring choices.

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How To Choose an LVP

Luxury vinyl planks are composed of a series of layers. Companies offer numerous thicknesses and boast different product features so a foundation in what LVP layers are composed of and why they matter will help you choose the best option for your project. The layers from top to bottom are:

Wear Layer

This layer defines how durable your flooring is. The thicker this layer, the higher the quality because it’s the layer that comes into contact with you and your daily life. The thicker the layer, the more resistant it is to scratching, denting, and staining. High quality planks have a thickness of 20mm or more.

Core Layer

Don’t be put off by the naming, the image or print in this layer realistically mimics the appearance of wood and it can be difficult to tell the difference.

Image/Print Layer

The real heft of an LVP comes from the core layer. It determines how dent-free and water-resistant the planks are and gives the sturdy, solid feel to LVPs. Make sure you look for planks that say they’re 100% waterproof because water damage will mean replacing your floors much faster and spending more money. A few terms to note when considering the core are SPC and WPC. SPC is short for Stone Plastic Composite and WPC – Wood Plastic Composite. An entirely separate post could be written about the differences between the two cores but the key takeaways are:

  • They’re pretty similar, planks made with either core are made of the same layers and look the same
  • They’re both 100% waterproof and easy to install
  • Differences occur in thickness, underfoot feeling, sound insulation, durability, stability, and price. While WPC planks are typically thicker making them feel more comfortable underfoot and have better sound insulation, SPC floors are better in rooms where there are extreme temperature changes and are better at resisting damage from impact or heavy weight.

Attached Underlayment Layer

An underlayment layer isn’t standard in LVP flooring but having this layer will improve sound reduction (so lower floors don’t hear you sneaking out for a midnight snack) and it gives your flooring better heat retention.

So, for your next home improvement or construction project, consider or ask your contractor about luxury vinyl plank flooring options. And if you’re calling Skilled Help Now for your flooring needs, be sure to ask us about our LVP offering. The luxury vinyl planks we use are 8mm thick for underfoot comfort and better impact resistance, have a UV coating to protect your new flooring from fading and discolouration, have a highly-resistant 20mm wear layer for heavy traffic areas, have an underlayment layer for sound reduction, and are 100% waterproof, anti-slip, wear-resistant and, fire retardant.

No matter what you need done for your home improvement projects the Skilled Help Now team can help you get it all done. From flooring installation to baseboard removal and installation, we’ve got your back. Reach out today for a free no-obligation, quote.

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