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A General Contractor's Most Frequently Asked Questions

A General Contractor's Most Frequently Asked Questions

When planning a home renovation, it's normal to have a plethora of questions that you want answered. All the home makeover television shows can imply that renovating all, or part, of your home is quick and easy, but there are many considerations and steps involved before anyone should swing a hammer.

This article will go over some of the most common questions that a Calgary Contractor gets asked by new clients.

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Ask a Contractor: Home Renovation FAQ's


What size of home renovation requires a general contractor? What most people don't realize is that it's not the size of the project alone that determines whether or not you need a contractor, but a variety of factors such as:

  • Does the project involved multiple tradespeople?
  • Will your home renovation need permits pulled?
  • When planning your renovation will you need consultation from multiple professionals and tradespeople?
  • Are there code considerations to take into account?

Many people think they know the answers to these important questions, but all of the times we have been called into half finished projects gone sideways proves that nothing is more valuable than experience, and working with a professional who stays up to date on code, material and trade detailes, and permitting.

How can I determine a realistic renovation budget? Besides just the project itself, there are other factors to consider when planning your renovation budget. Surprise costs incurred are:

  • Relocation costs if you are renovating your full home.
  • Storage costs if you need to move out furniture.
  • Delivery costs when ordering materials. More often than not people price out materials online, but forget to take into account the cost of getting them to the site.
  • Design and engineering costs. This doesn't apply to all projects, but definitely can for bigger ones.
  • Permits and permit related expenses. In Calgary, homes with older HVAC systems often need mandatory upgrades if you pull a permit for a home improvement. An experienced General Contractor will be able to determine in advance if this does, or does not, apply to your project well before starting.

How long do renovations take? There are a few different factors that affect timelines. At Skilled Help Now, we take our clients through a thorough and comprehensive planning phase that varies in length based on the scope of the project. That being said, the more detailed the planning, the smoother and shorter actual construction times are. A common mistake of renovation companies with less experience is that they will start work without knowing all of the details beforehand. While of course changes outside of our control can happen after construction begins, we use the planning phase to reduce renovation timelines.

Should a general contractor provide warranty? Yes and yes! Depending on the size and scope of work, a contractor should provide some sort of guarantee on workmanship, whether it is through them directly, their trades team, and/or the companies they use for products and materials.

How can you tell if a contractor is reputable? A reputable renovations company will check all of the following boxes:

  1. You can see their work on their website and social media channels. If not, ask for them to send you a portfolio.
  2. The best general contractors in Calgary will provide proof of liability insurance and WCB for anyone on the site.
  3. They will have experience under there belt that qualifies them to be a general contractor. Many professional GC's will have worked their trade for years prior to becoming a contractor.
  4. Reviews! Check out their Google reviews and read through them. See what past customers have to say about working with the company you are interested in working with.


How to Find the Best Renovations Company in Calgary


As you move through the questions above, be sure to bring them to the general contractor you are considering for your home renovation project. They should be able to answer them with ease and check all the boxes before moving into planning stages. A trusted and reliable general contractor are worth their weight in gold for reduced headaches, adhering to budgets and delivering your home back to you on time. Big or small, a contractor will be able to get the job done easily for you.

Skilled Help Now is Calgary's Premier general contractor company. Serving both Calgary and Kelowna with decades of experience under their belt, you can know that your home renovation is in good hands. If you would like a consultation for your project fill out the form below or contact the admin team at 1-833-SKILL-ME


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Finding a skilled, trustworthy and professional General Contractor to take care of all your renovations- big and small can be tricky. We have a team of certified and screened trades who can take care of anything on your ‘to-do’ list including odd jobs, electrical, plumbing, painting, and carpentry all the way up to a full home renovation.

Our decades of general contracting experience allows us to connect you with certified professionals who will get your home improvement projects done with expert craftmanship. Get in touch now to get an estimate, learn about your renovation financing options, and our insured, licensed and warrantied team.

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