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8 Musts to Hiring a General Contractor

8 Musts to Hiring a General Contractor

We cannot understate the value a great general contractor brings to your home renovation. They help homeowners to execute projects to great success and efficiency, the bring decades of experience, and ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with top notch workmanship every step of the way. When looking to hire the best renovations company in Calgary, we present eight steps that you can take to ensure you are working with a trusted pro.

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Why You Need to Hire a General Contractor

Are you looking to do a home renovation or some winter remodeling? Hiring a general contractor is your best chance of getting it done right. There is a lot that you can do around your home yourself, such as small repairs, patching the drywall or even installing your A/C unit without the help of a professional. However, an extensive home project will require more than some do-it-yourself videos and tools from the local store; You need an experienced general contractor. If your goal is to get a general contractor that will offer value for your money and time, here are eight points that you must consider:


Do Your Homework

So, you want to hire a general contractor? Start with some research. Think about your project, what the end goal will look like, and the amount you’ll have to pay to get it done well. Look at their past projects, reviews, and their process; The results of your research will help you get a handle on the hiring process so that you can sieve through proposals when they start coming in.

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Choose a Contractor

Choosing a contractor is not a straightforward affair. There are hundreds of options around and your goal is to get the best general contractor for your project. So, ask trusted persons in your circle for recommendations or do an internet search for a notable contractor. How to tell who is a reputable contractor? Look for some of the following:


Get and Analyze Estimates

Getting a bid is your first contact with a general contractor. Your contractor should have enough experience to provide you an estimate based on similar projects they have completed, current materials and labour costs, and taking into account the details of your renovation. Getting an estimate helps you to have a good idea of the costs involved in all phases of you project.


Look Beyond the Bid

Don’t be sold with flowery bids or proposals. You must know what is on offer before you proceed to hire a contractor:

  • Do a background check to confirm the claims of the contractor
  • Check whether they have permits to work in your area by their name with the local licensing board
  • Establish that they have the expertise and experience to deliver a good project for you
  • Ensure they have WCB and Liability Insurance

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Look at Their Portfolio

An ideal contractor for your project should be an expert that has executed projects similar to yours in the last six months to two years. Assess how the general contractor performed in these instances to suppose how they are likely to perform with yours. What do their previous clients say about them? You might want to check if they have any complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. Their professional history will let you know whether you should proceed to offer a contract, or not.


Go Over the Details

Now that you’ve settled on the best general contractor for your project, it’s time to discuss the terms of your engagement. Review and agree on the start and completion details for your project and the payment terms. Get all the necessary information regarding the products and services covered by the contract, and whether the contractor is bonded to indemnify you against lawsuits. Agree on what you are paying for and put it in writing before you sign anything.

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Know What You Have to Do

A project in your home, whether it’s a renovation or remodeling, will require some slight responsibility on your part. Apart from your payment, you may have to temporarily move out, move items around or get a new place for your cat. Whatever it is that you have to do, know before you start work.


Go With Your Gut

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules to hiring a general contractor. Apply due diligence in your hiring process and trust your instincts to guide you towards the right decision. If you are convinced by the qualities of the general contractor that you’ve found, then go for it.

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