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3 Things To Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

3 Things To Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, and when you decide to complete some kitchen upgrades, repairs and renovations you want to be sure the job is completed quickly to avoid having this room out of commision for too long. Any type of construction in the kitchen is a big project. With unlimited options from DIY, to full-service contractors how do you know which will be the best option for you? Use this handy guide to help make an informed decision.

Kitchen Renovation Vs. Remodel

Before we begin, let's set ourselves straight by defining Renovation and Remodel so you can have realistic expectations of your project. Essentially a Renovation is repairing and re-doing a space to its former state with some additional updates. A remodel is creating a new space entirely and is typically a much larger project involving pulling permits, architectural changes and interior design.

This one word can make a big difference when communicating about your project as it will have a big effect on:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Work done
  • Whether or not you need permits
  • How many trades you need

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Kitchen Remodel Considerations

Consider Your Home Price: Is it worth it?

One of the biggest factors in determining how much money to invest in your home is your projected return on it. Remodeling your kitchen is a great idea if you know that you can get that investment back should you decide to sell. Things that can affect your home’s worth are:

  • Historic sales price
  • The neighbourhood
  • The economy
  • The condition of the rest of the home

That being said, if you are not entirely sure about the return on your investment a smaller kitchen renovation may get you the desired result for a lower cost.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Remodeling a kitchen, or any room for that matter, in a house you currently live in is a big undertaking. But, especially with your kitchen you will need to consider how long it will be out of commission for and plan accordingly. If you have a big family and your kitchen will be unusable for 8 weeks you need to factor in what the plan will be during that time.

Many people will choose to take on smaller kitchen repairs and upgrades when they are living in the home already. Updating things like your cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures, paint, and flooring will give your space a modern, updated look with much less down time.

Consider Your Family Goals

Changing your kitchen is not always a ‘like to have’, but sometimes it is a must on your to do list. Whether you love to cook, or not, the kitchen is often the central space in a family home. We spend considerable amounts of time there and when deciding whether to remodel or renovate you need to consider the following:

  • Family Size: Will your family be growing? Do you need more space?
  • Aging in Place: Will you need to accommodate different abilities in the next 5-10 years such as a wheelchair?
  • Stage of Life: Will you have young children, or grandchildren, to consider? This might affect certain design choices such as a built-in wine rack that little hands can reach.
  • Uses: Will this be the main eating space? Are you hoping to entertain more here?

Really looking at the next phases of life, and planning accordingly, will help you make the right decisions for your kitchen upgrade plans.

No matter which route you decide is best for your family the Skilled Help Now team can work with you every step of the way. From small Kitchen repairs and updates to full Kitchen renovations, we’ve got your back. Reach out today for a kitchen renovation estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchens are often the busiest room in the house and there are plenty of reasons to renovate from repairing damage to desiring a new look. Assuming your kitchen is in good condition, and free of needing repairs, you can budget on needing a large renovation every 10-15 years.

The great thing about working with us is you can do a small renovation or a few updates to give your kitchen a new look without having to do a large-scale renovation or remodel. But should you decide to go that route you can rest assured we can take your project through from start to finish with zero stress. We also provide renovation financing, so reach out today for a kitchen estimate.

Some simple ways to update the look of your kitchen are:

  • Change outdated light fixtures
  • New blinds and/or window coverings
  • Fresh paint throughout- including kitchen cabinets
  • Switch out kitchen cabinet handles/knobs

Some options that are still much less expensive than a full kitchen remodel are:

  • New flooring
  • New cabinetry
  • Updated appliance installation
  • Change outdated countertops, sink, and plumbing fixtures
  • New tile backsplash

Whatever you decide our team can not only manage your contract from start to finish, but also we provide financing! Reach out today for an estimate.

Absolutely! Skilled Help Now offers flexible financing options, for all sizes of home improvement projects. Contact us today to get started.

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