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11 Easy, Affordable Upgrades to Elevate Your Home

11 Easy, Affordable Upgrades to Elevate Your Home

All this newfound time at home has given us the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones and notice the little things…which also means we’ve noticed every time the floorboard creaks or that unsettling hole in the wall above our desk. If you’ve been binging home improvement shows and getting inspired to make upgrades to your living space, there are plenty of easy (and most importantly, affordable) upgrades you can make brighten your home’s look or improve your day-to-day living.

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Beauty Is on the Inside

Whether you’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen, living room, or taking Zoom calls from the comfort of your bed, small updates can have a large impact on the way you view your space. A few of our favourites are:

  • Paint, paint, and more paint: Paint is the most common home upgrade because a fresh coat of paint can transform large areas with a few cans. For an easy upgrade, consider re-painting your kitchen cabinets, walls, window trims, or even furniture with modern or timeless colours. Depending on what you decide to paint, it can be an easy DIY job or a quick, affordable project for a certified painter or handyman.
  • Swap handles, fixtures, and faucets: Details can elevate the impression of a room. With literally a few twists and turns, swapping the handles on your kitchen cabinetry to stainless steel bar pulls or bronzed knobs gives a polished finish to your kitchen. Adding chrome or touch faucets to your bathroom or kitchen can add form and function while updating lighting fixtures in your dining room and hallways gives your home a much-needed glow-up.
  • Add a shiplap accent: A popular trend in modern to rustic homes is adding a shiplap accent to a room. An inexpensive but impactful option, shiplap is comprised of interlocking boards laid horizontally and often painted over in white or grey to give a subtle, textured accent wall. Just Google shiplap and you’ll see a myriad of ways homeowners have creatively incorporated shiplap into their homes.
  • Remove that outdated popcorn ceiling: Say goodbye to the 20th century and finally get rid of that old-fashioned popcorn ceiling. Born out of laziness, the popcorn ceiling trend was created to hide imperfections in the ceiling so homeowners wouldn’t need to sand and perfectly paint the roof above their heads. A potential harbinger of asbestos, instead of painting over or covering up the ceiling, tackle the popcorn at its root and have it completely removed. Stripping the stippled ceiling is messy and time-consuming but a licensed handyman can efficiently and affordably remove your popcorn ceiling and apply a professional coat of paint.

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Judge a Book by It’s Cover

The value of your home is also influenced by the exterior and forms visitors and homebuyers first impression. Some simple and low-cost outdoor upgrades include:

  1. Paint... again: Paint, once again, can be your magic sauce. Painting your door to an attention-grabbing red or cool blue grey can modernize your home’s initial impression and tease what’s in store inside. The often-forgotten window trims can also be painted with a weather-resistant paint for a low-effort, noticeable facelift.
  2. Deck: Building or refinishing a deck will transform your outdoor space. Depending on the materials and your handyman of choice, neither of these options needs to be costly and will open a world of possibilities. A beautiful, well-crafted deck can serve as a designated outdoor eating space, BBQ pit, and is perfect for a few drinks with friends and family on a warm summer night.
  3. Plants: Workout your green thumb and add some decorative flora to your home. Whether you have a backyard or balcony, a nice planter or thoughtfully arranged rows of flowers, herbs, and trees will freshen both the air and aesthetic. Adding a green wall to a balcony brings a little nature to an otherwise grey setting. For front or backyards, having a handyman plant a perimeter of colourful flowers or a Japanese maple gives a definitive colour pop.

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Function Over Form

Looks aren’t everything and few easy upgrades can revolutionize the way you live. Consider adding:

  • More Storage: The larger your family grows or the more toiler paper you hoard, storage becomes an increasingly important component of your home. Instead of upgrading to a 3-bedroom home to accommodate your growing stash, add creative storage. Cabinets above your laundry machine, or a cleverly designed wardrobe organizer to fit more clothes and shoes will make a world of a difference in your daily living. A handyman can install extra pantry shelving or properly leveled exposed shelves that you can arrange artfully, while also having a place to store your baking needs.
  • A video doorbell: A video doorbell is an affordable option to upgrade your home’s security by giving you a mobile-accessible way to see who’s at your front door. More comprehensive video security will come with a heftier price tag but many video doorbells are available for under $200.
  • A water filter: Adding a water filter to your tap simplifies your household’s quest for clean water. Instead of constantly refilling the Brita or changing the heavy water cooler, get your water directly filtered the moment it leaves the faucet. Prices for water filtration systems can range and it’s important to reflect on how many taps you plan on replacing, but many high-quality options exist at a reasonable price.

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Get 'Smart'

Who knew that your fridge would one day be “smart”, but in the pursuit of ways we can do more by simultaneously doing less all of our products are becoming smarter. Aside from your smartphone and smart TV, consider adding intelligence to other aspects of your homes. Smart lighting or smart switches can become a weekend project (or we recommend done by a registered electrician). Adding smart locks to your doors means never forgetting or losing your key after a long day of work. A smart thermostat can intuitively heat or cool your home based on temperature or schedule. Options for smart bulbs, switches, locks, thermostats, and the subsequent voice-activated assistant needed can be cost-effective and even lead to a decrease in your energy bill.

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These are just a few easy, affordable upgrades to explore if you’re planning a manageable home improvement project. And of course, if you’re in need of a consultation or expert handyman to help execute your vision, give us a call at 1-833-SKILL-ME or reach out today for your free quote.

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