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4 Warning Signs That You Need an Electrician

 4 Warning Signs That You Need an Electrician

Electricity keeps your home lit and comfortable while powering all of those appliances that are an integral part of your daily life. However, every homeowner will inevitably experience some type of electrical problem and when you do, it’s important to call upon the expertise of a certified electrician to ensure your property and family are kept safe. 

Be Careful When Trying to DIY Electrical Work

When it comes to home improvement projects, a lot of homeowners are tempted to go the ‘DIY’ route. However, if you have any electrical issues on your property, forgoing to call an electrician in an attempt to save a few bucks can prove to be catastrophic. 

Working with electricity without the right expertise and tools is never recommended and it can have many undesirable consequences, including: 

  • Accidental home fires
  • Electrical shocks 
  • Wiring and fixtures that won’t pass inspection 
  • Code violations 
  • More expensive repairs down the road 

Before attempting any DIY electrical work, you must ask yourself if it’s worth risking your safety and home. You could accidentally cause more damage and end up spending more money in the long run than you would have by hiring a professional electrician in the first place. 

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4 Signs It’s Time to Call an Electrician 

We rely on electricity for a number of things: to watch TV, use our appliances, and charge our devices. Oftentimes, when there is an issue with your home’s electrical system, your household will come to a standstill. In such a case, you may be tempted to tackle the problem yourself — whether it’s to save time or money, or for the sense of accomplishment you get when the task is complete. 

However, while simple home repairs can be excellent do-it-yourself projects, electrical repairs should only be handled by a licensed electrician. 

If you are experiencing any of the following problems in your home, you should contact a professional immediately: 

1. Your Lights Flicker

Flickering lights can seem like a minor nuisance, especially if they return to normal after a few seconds. However, this could be an early warning sign that you need to call in the help of an electrician. 

Flickering lights could be a sign of: 

  • An overloaded circuit
  • Old or deteriorated wiring 
  • A bulb that is loose in the socket
  • Faulty connections with switches 

It is always better to address flickering lights early on because waiting until it’s too late can result in losing your home’s power or even an electrical fire. 

2. There Are Sparks When You Plug an Appliance Into an Outlet 

If you notice sparks when plugging an appliance into an outlet, you should call an electrician immediately. This is not normal and could pose a potential fire risk to your home. There are a few reasons for these sparks, including: 

  • Loose wiring
  • Worn out or broken outlets
  • Moisture in the outlet 
  • Poor outlet installation 

Whatever the reason for the sparks, a certified electrician can visit your home to inspect and/or repair your outlets and keep your home and family safe. 

3. You Notice a Burning Smell 

Do you notice a burning smell when using an appliance or electrical outlet? This is a sign no homeowner should ignore. While some new appliances can give off a mild smell when you first use them, it should not persist. A constant burning smell could mean that there is an issue with your electrical wiring. 

This smell can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem, such as a house fire, so if you notice it, it’s important to stop using the appliance or outlet immediately and contact your local electrician as soon as possible. 

4. You Don’t Have Enough Power Outlets

If you have too many appliances and not enough outlets, you may be tempted to use extension cords as a quick fix. However, in the long run, this is not the safest option for your home or family as it can result in an outlet overload or an electrical shortening. 

If you are experiencing this problem, you should call a certified electrician to review your current electrical system. Such a professional has the knowledge to assess your needs and situation and provide the right outlet solutions for your home. 

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If you are experiencing any issues with your electrical system, our team is just a phone call away! Our virtual, contactless quoting system, to-the-minute billing, and 24 hour response time means that any home improvement or repair jobs you have can be addressed quickly and efficiently. 

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Q: Why is my light switch hot?
A hot light switch is not normal and could be an indication that something is wrong. There are several things that could cause a hot light switch including faulty wiring, an overloaded switch, or faulty wiring. Whatever the case, you should contact an electrician immediately. 

Q: Is it okay for me to take on small electrical jobs at home?
It is never recommended that you take on any electrical jobs by yourself, especially if you don’t have the right tools and experience. Even if you feel like you know what you are doing, hiring a professional electrician to do the job will keep you, your family, and your home safe. 

Q: What causes electrical shocks?
Several things can increase your risk of electrical shocks including naked wires, wrong repairs, and faulty appliances. If you are concerned about any electrical aspect in your home, contact our team and we’ll connect you immediately with one of our licensed electricians.

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